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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is a Stream Package?
        Stream package is a general term describing design elements that streamers use to enhance the look, interactivity and functionality of their streams.

        While there are different types of specific stream packages, most of the time everyone means a full pack of different assets designed in one unique style. It includes different elements such as webcam borders, alerts, stream screens, labels, banners, panels and other assets.

        They can be both animated, as seamlessly looping video files with transparent background, and static, as images. Stream packages can drastically improve the viewing experience and effectively convey your brand and personality to viewers.
        What is the difference between a stream package and stream overlay?
        Stream Overlay is a specific design element that streamers use on top of their gameplay or camera to improve the look and functionality of the stream. Stream packages, on the other hand, include many different overlays designed in one style.
        Why should I use stream packages?
        Stream Packages improve the aesthetic, create a unique personal vibe and enhance the interactivity of your stream. Also, they help to keep your viewers more engaged and entertained which leads to more hours of your streams watched and the chance of getting a donation or subscription becomes significantly higher as well.
        How to make a stream package?
        All professional stream designers use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to design and animate stream packages. But you can go the easier route and use some simple free online editors or overlay makers — the hard truth about them, though, is that most of the time, the outcome looks amateur and dull. So, the best way to save money, nerves and time is to buy a premade stream overlay package with all assets and design elements you may ever think of.
        Where can I get free stream packages ?
        First of all, you can check the Freebies section of our store. If that’s not enough, we’ve compiled the most extensive list of free stream packages you can find on the internet.