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Best Green Screens for Live Streaming

In the fast-paced world of live streaming, captivating your audience with a professional-looking image is quite beneficial. That's why whether you'...

How to Choose a Camera for Live Streaming

Selecting a decent camera is essential if you are just beginning your streaming career or want to update your equipment. It provides a positive exp...

How to Choose a Capture Card For Streaming

You've probably heard about video capture cards if you stream on Twitch or YouTube or just record your gameplay from a console or PC. Essentially, ...

How to Choose a CPU For Streaming

When you want to enter the big world of streaming, you need a PC that's up to the job, and no component is more important than a robust CPU. Yet, f...

How to Choose a Graphics Card For Streaming in 2023

A decent graphics card is essential for every streamer's setup. It ensures a lag-free, HD streaming experience that can handle even the most strenu...

How to Choose a Microphone for Streaming

This guide goes through all major technical mic properties and software adjustments to make your stream sound the best.

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