Best Discord PFPs & Profile Pictures [FREE]

Discord PFPs

Enhance your Discord Profile with the best profile pictures from around the web. Browse through hundreds of pfps - from cool anime avatars to cute aesthetic images. Completely Free!


Baby Nissan
Flaming Skull
La Haine
Lil Peep
Peaky Blinders
Taxi Driver
Tyler Durden

Anime PFPs

Aska Evangelion
Chisato Nishikigi
Chizuru Ichinoze
Eren Titan
Hinata Naruto
Itachi Uchiha
Kanade Beasttamer
Luffy One Piece
Marin Kitagawa
Mio K-on
Mob Psycho
Rem Rezero
Ryoku Matoi
Sad Naruto
Tokyo Ghoul
Vermeil In Gold

Funny PFPs

Witcher Chad
Smiling Cat
Doge Frog
Joker Cat
Goofy Cat
Disappearing Emoji
Rabbit Cube
Cat in a Hat
Banana Cat
Armed Frog

Cute PFPs

Sleepy Mouse
Sleeping Cat
Pusheen Cat
Curled Ears Cat
Hooded Cat
Flower Bunny
Fluffy Dog
Corn Cat
Combing Cat
Chill With Cat
Chewing Bunny
Cat With Teddy
Cat In a Hat
Cute Chick
Sleepy Cat

Aesthetic PFPs

Colorful Mirror
Crying Girl
Fog City
Kimono Girl
Moon Shine
Noir Boy
Pixel Landscape
The Fallen Angel
The Great Wave
Tokyo Sunset


American Psycho
Anime Aesthetic
Aphex Twin Monkey
Sad Bart
BMW Anime
Dumb Patrick
Cowboy Bebop
Fenrir GoW
Gerald The Witcher
Gurren Lagan
Iggy Jojo
Joel The Last Of Us
Serial Experiments Lain
Lil Pepe
Phonk Dog
Pikachu Eat

How to Change Discord Profile Picture?

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on a gear icon at the bottom-left side of the app
  2. Open the User Profile tab
  3. Press the Change Avatar button
  4. Choose your image
  5. Voila, your profile picture is updated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a Discord avatar?
The recommended avatar size for discord is 128x128 pixels but if you’ll upload a bigger or smaller image it will get resized automatically. You can upload JPG and PNG images for static avatars and GIF files for animated avatars in case you have a Nitro subscription. Take note that all discord profile pictures are cropped to a circle so make sure that your new avatar fits well.
How to download a Discord pfp?
  1. Open Discord in your web browser
  2. Find a profile that you want to get the pfp from
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + C on Windows or Cmd + Shift + C on Mac OS to open the developer tool of your browser
  4. Move your mouse on top of the avatar and click it
  5. Copy the URL highlighted in the developer tool of your browser
  6. Paste it into a new tab and press Enter
  7. Right-Click on it and press Save Image As…
Why won’t Discord let me change my pfp?
Discord has a limitation on the number of times you can change your profile picture in a short period to prevent spam. So the most common reason for this problem is that you’ve probably changed your profile picture too often. Just wait for 10-15 minutes and you’ll be able to change your pfp again. In case it won’t work you can try rebooting your discord app or waiting a bit longer, for an hour or so.
How to get animated Discord pfp?
To get an animated discord profile picture you need to purchase their Nitro subscription. One of its perks allows you to upload animated GIF images as your profile picture.