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        Twitch Emotes Guidelines

        Twitch Emotes Guidelines

        Our emotes are designed in compliance with all twitch policies and requirements but in case you want to customize the emotes you’ve bought or create your own it’s important to know the official rules!

        Prohibited content:

        - Hateful conduct, such as offensive slurs, symbols, stereotypes, and imagery
        - Harassment, such as targeted insults, bullying, and threatening or inciting abuse
        - Threats of violence, such as threats against others and threats of suicide
        - Obscene content, such as extreme or gratuitous depictions of violence, blood, gore, severe injury, and death
        - Sexual content, such as depictions of sexual acts (sex, masturbation), arousal, gestures, aids, and attire
        - Nudity, such as depictions and imitations of nude torsos, buttocks, genitals, and anuses
        - Illegal drugs, such as depictions or references to illegal drug use, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
        - Vulgarity, such as obscene or explicit words, phrases, and gestures
        - Glorifying or encouraging violations of Twitch Community Guidelines
        - Politics, including political phrases, symbols, and figures
        - Individual letters and characters
        - Partners are granted exception to this restriction so long as the letters/characters are a key element of their established logo or branding.
        - Violations of Twitch Brand Assets Guidelines

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What are Twitch Emotes?
        Twitch Emotes are small images and icons that streamers and their viewers use in a stream chat. They are very similar to how you use emojis in any messenger, but the only difference is that on Twitch, they've taken on a life of their own.

        When Twitch streamer has enough followers, they can upload their own emotes for followers and subscribers to use. Emotes allow your viewers to relive spectacular moments, laugh at embarrassing situations, spread love in chat, and, most importantly, become active community members.
        Do I need Twitch emotes for streaming?
        Every successful streamer has their own custom emotes and even though they are not mandatory for your channel, they are a great way to build and encourage your community. Your followers will be able to use your emotes outside of your stream’s chat by spreading the word about your channel, or you can grant a special emote to those who cheered you with some bits — possibilities are endless!
        When can I start using Twitch Emotes?
        If you want to upload custom Twitch emotes to your channel, you must reach twitch affiliate or partner status. Also, you can add emotes with unofficial extensions such as BTTTV or FFZ, learn more in our Twitch Emotes Guide.
        Can I have Twitch emotes without affiliate?
        You can install a special extension such as BTTTV, FFZ or 7TV and upload your custom emotes straight away. One drawback of this method is that your viewers need to have this extension installed on their computers to see your emotes.
        What are the most popular Twitch emotes?
        The most popular official Twitch emotes in 2022 are forsen5G, homyLol, chipsaKEK, TriHard and R). Top BTTV emotes, on the other hand, are D3VID, flush3, DuckerZ, D: and Nam. Top emotes on FFZ extension are HyelmShy, No1, DNAFlamingo, MarkZynk and CHILLS.
        How to make Twitch Emotes?
        There are numerous ways to create custom twitch emotes. You can use some kind of online emote maker but most of the time the quality and aesthetics of emotes you’ll get are a bit low. Most professional Twitch emote artists use software such as ProCreate, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but these programs are very hard to learn. So the fastest and easiest method is to customize a premade package, like the ones you can see above.