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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What are Twitch Alerts?
        Twitch Alerts are real-time notifications that pop up over a stream when someone donates, subscribes, follows the channel, or makes some other kind of interaction with a streamer. Usually, Twitch alerts consist of an image, GIF or animated video with interactive text and special sound effects on top of it.

        Streamers use alerts to interact with the viewers, thank their supporters and celebrate special events that happen during the stream. You can add alerts to your Twitch stream in OBS Studio by using a platform like Streamlabs or StreamElements.
        Why should I use alerts on stream?
        These days twitch alerts are required for any successful and uprising streamer. They make your channel look and sound professional by improving the aesthetics of your stream. But most importantly, twitch alerts help to improve the interaction between you and your viewers on a deeper level — from reading a message attached with a donation to personally thanking your new follower — there are loads of possibilities you can use with alerts!
        What alerts do I need for streaming?
        There are some basic alert types that any streamer needs — follower and subscriber alerts are essential to appreciate your viewers' support. Don't forget about donation and cheer alerts to thank your fans for their contributions and, of course, take care of an alert for raids and hosts.
        What is a good size for Twitch alerts?
        The perfect resolution for a twitch alert widget is 800x600, and its file size should be not more than 3MB — that way, your alerts won't cover the whole screen and will run smoothly in any case.
        How to make twitch alerts?
        Want to get creative? Even though creating your own twitch alerts is a tedious task, you can use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for design and Adobe After Effects for animation of your alert. Want to go even deeper? You can utilize CSS, HTML and Javascript to take your alerts to a whole new level.
        What are Twitch alert sounds?
        Twitch alert sounds are sounds that play on your stream when some event or interaction with your viewers happens. For example, a sound can play when someone follows your channel or sends you a donation.