What Are Twitch Alerts and How to Use Them? - Full Guide

What Are Twitch Alerts?

What Are Twitch Alerts?

Twitch is all about community. It is of the utmost need to cultivate relationships with your audience! In this sense, adding alerts is one of the easiest ways for streamers to show appreciation for the contributions from their viewers. These on-screen images perform various functions, including expressing gratitude to a new viewer for following the channel, triggering sound alerts that sound off at spectacular cheer levels, celebrating a Hype Train in chat, and much more. There is no limit to the number of ways in which you can modify your notifications so that they are compatible with your stream. In this article, we will explain what twitch alerts are and how you may utilize them in your own streaming sessions. Get in there!



What Is a Twitch Alert?

Twitch alerts are customized, real-time notifications that show different types of viewer interactions, such as donations, subscriptions, raids, etc. You may utilize audio alerts, graphic alerts, or even animated video clips as your notification method. When used at the appropriate time, they have the potential to surprise or excite your viewers, which will increase engagement in chat.



Why Should You Use Twitch Alerts

Alerts enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your stream. However, in addition to their aesthetic value, they may also serve other purposes. Their major function is to provide information when you cannot personally thank everyone who follows your stream, makes a donation, or inquires about your broadcast schedule. Additionally, your notifications do not have to be the same as those of everyone else's. You have the ability to personalize your alerts for a variety of circumstances by changing the text, images, and sounds used.


Benefits of using alerts on stream:

  • Express appreciation for your audience

  • Acknowledge new followers and subscribers

  • Engage with your audience while you don’t have time

  • Market your products and merchandise

  • Encourage viewers to donate


Twitch Alert Types

Streamers use alerts for a wide variety of purposes, which often has an effect on the categories of notifications that they choose. Here are some examples of the most common sorts of streamer alerts we’ve included in our twitch alert packs:


  1. New Follower Alert

  2. New Subscriber Alert

  3. New Donation Alert

  4. New Cheer Alert

  5. Host Alert

  6. Raid Alert


How to Add Twitch Alerts to Your Stream?

Your streaming setup will determine the specific steps you need to take in order to add alerts to your channel. Based on what streaming software and platforms you use, there are numerous options that allow you to add alerts to your stream. In general, this procedure will look like this:


1. First of all, you need to create an account on one of the platforms for streamers, such as Streamlabs or Streamelements, and link your Twitch account (or any other streaming site) with it. Now you are able to add and edit each type of alerts — you can add pictures, videos, gifs, sounds, change fonts and customize your own alerts as you like.


2. Once you've made your alerts, you need to add them to your stream. If you use OBS studio, for instance, you need to copy the special URL of the alerts from your streaming platform’s interface and then paste it into the corresponding field of a “Browser” Source. You can find this field by clicking a “+” button on the "Sources" tab and choosing “Browser”. Hooray, your OBS studio alerts are now available for use!


Don’t forget to test your alerts before going live! Both Streamlabs and StreamElements allow you to easily do that.


Where to Get Twitch Alerts?

You can get alerts in a few different ways: you may download pre-made alerts, you can make them on your own using graphic design tools, or you can purchase a customized pack from a designer. All of the options could work but the one you choose should rely on your budget, skills and goals.

Purchasing professional premade alerts is the most convenient and efficient option. Wondering where you could get awesome pre-made Twitch alerts? We've got you covered — browse our library filled with dozens of professionaly crafted twitch alerts designed for any stream style, game, and mood.




Where to Get Free Twitch Alerts?

Our free twitch overlays are an excellent choice for beginner streamers or those who are on a limited budget. It includes all crucial assets — numerous stream screens, overlays, stinger transition, alerts, and even more. Works great with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and supports your favorite streaming software.

Choose from a number of different free animated packages, such as Nexus, Crust, or Razor.



How to Create Your Own Stream Alerts?

There are several different ways to create alerts for your Twitch channel. For example, you can make your own alerts with the help of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Using them, you can create alerts with your brand assets, such as logo, font, colors, etc. Also, if you have some experience with CSS, HTML and Javascript, you could differentiate yourself from other streamers by customizing alerts without any limits. Another way is to utilize programs such as TwitchTools or Twitch Alerts Maker. You'll be able to generate individualized Twitch alerts for your stream with the help of these tools.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your Twitch alerts appearance might be challenging, but it won't be that hard if you know where to go for Twitch alerts and other streamer graphics. Bring your Twitch stream to the next level by developing your distinctive visual style. And don’t forget to check out our stream blog to learn more tips on how to grow on Twitch. Kudos!

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