How To Get More Viewers on Twitch? 45 Actionable Tips and Tricks

45 Ways To Get More Viewers On Twitch

45 Ways To Get More Viewers On Twitch

Live streaming on Twitch is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the gaming community, make new friends, launch a career, and expand your horizons as a performer. After you have started your streaming channel, the difficult task of increasing your viewership is the next thing you need to focus on. But promoting your stream is pretty tricky now that millions of people are streaming on Twitch. Where do you even begin? Have a look at these forty five suggestions to increase the size of your audience and encourage people to continue watching you. Let's go!


1. Create a Personal Brand

There is only one way to make it on Twitch: you must find out what makes you unique and then capitalize on it to build a powerful brand. A personal brand is an impression others have of you based on the things linked with your name. Your brand is the easiest method to express all the viewer needs to know about you, including your style, core values, and general vibe.

It is essential to put some time into thinking about branding since the ultimate outcome is so important. Branding creates value both for you and your audience in the sense that it distinguishes you from the competition, creates expectations, and makes a robust connection between you and your viewers.

Shortly speaking you should:


  • Step 1. Determine if you want to develop an online presence that is authentic to who you are or one that is a creation of a persona (also known as the Dr. Disrespect technique). The first option suggests showing things that are important to you, including your core values, beliefs, strengths, and limitations. In other words, your streaming reflects not just who you are as a broadcaster but also who you are as a person. Anyway, as long as you're entertaining, you're free to be anyone you want to be.

  • Step 2. Consider the nickname. Choose something brief and easy to remember, then go with it.

  • Step 3. Choose your brand's colors, logo, typeface, and other identifying elements. Your audience may get a sense of who you are or what you cover just by looking at your brand assets. The most effective ones are instantly identifiable and simple to recall. Surely, you could use numerous colors or design elements. But being consistent is the key to unlocking the mystery. Make it a goal to develop patterns that can be seen and identified across all of the socials you use.

  • Step 4. Choose a catchphrase. Having a motto when you start out is not essential, but it is undoubtedly one of the things that may help make you distinctive. You may find ideas from your habits, lines from games you've played, memes your chat has produced, or amusing minor stream mishaps that everyone recalls fondly. Employ your catchphrase so that it becomes so associated with you that your audience will not be able to help but think of you whenever they hear those words.


2. Create Consistent Branding Over All Your Online Presence


Userpics, thumbnails, panels in bio, overlays, screens, banners, social networking images, and emotes all help to tell the story of who you are as a streamer. There are several options on how to create a design identity: hiring a professional, using graphic design software, or buying pre-made options. There is no solution that works for everyone; rather, you should base your choice on your capabilities.

If you’re just starting your streaming path, take a look at our library and explore dozens of FREE stream graphic assets designed for any stream style, game and mood.


3. Fill Out Your Twitch Bio Twitch Streamer lady_artemixa Twitch Bio


Having reliable information in your stream bio about you and your schedule is one of the greatest methods to acquire more viewers on Twitch in the long run. Make sure your audience knows where they can reach you on social media and Discord. Provide them with enough information about yourself so that they feel connected to you and want to interact with you on your channel.


We suggest including this information in your bio:

  • general information about your stream

  • call to action to watch your stream

  • sub rewards panel, perks, emotes

  • Twitch loyalty point rewards donation panel

  • Discord information

  • social media profiles

  • stream schedule panel

  • PC specs

  • an email address for partnerships

  • chat rules and commands

  • channel goals and aspirations

  • shared games or servers


4. Always Use Twitch Panels


Panels are editable sections that reside under your Twitch channel's About section. They may be used to provide an introduction, connect to your social media profiles, and advertise your own or sponsored items. Use twitch panels on your profile to keep everything professional and organized. The following are some of the most popular Twitch info panel kinds and purposes: About Me, Schedule of Streaming, Donation Panel, Social Media Panel, Sponsor Panel, Merchandise Panel, and so on.

If you're looking for Twitch panels, look no more. Welcome the most massive Twitch Panels Mega Bundle ever. This FREE bundle has a whopping 720 panels in total!


5. Customize Your Stream Appearance


A Twitch overlay is a way to improve the functionality and appearance of your stream. It's a design that sits on top of the camera and game capture window. It may be dynamic or static, depending on your preferences, taste and your computer’s performance. With the addition of an overlay, the watching experience is enhanced, and your stream has a more professional look. Read this article to get more information on what is a Twitch overlay.

In our full stream packages library, you may get whole packages with everything you want, including overlays, alerts, webcams frames, and panels. Follow the link to find the one that suits you the best.


6. Have a Frequent Streaming Schedule

Yeah, it's a dime-a-dozen tip, but the consistent schedule is crucial! Particularly if you are just starting off with streaming. When you first begin, it is obvious that you will not have a large number of viewers. Because of this, it is essential that the few followers you do have can depend on you. If you stream at unpredictable times, it will be difficult for viewers to keep up with what you are doing.

People will be able to more easily arrange to watch your stream if you maintain a regular schedule. If you tell your followers that you will be streaming on Monday evenings at seven o'clock, you can be sure that they will be there waiting for you and expecting you to be there.

You can't simply broadcast randomly and hope that a miracle happens. If you take responsibility and maintain consistency, you will start to see results.


7. Stream As Much As Possible To Increase Your Exposure To Viewers

You may increase the likelihood of someone noticing you by streaming often and continuously. In addition, by giving more material to your audience, you are also giving viewers more value. Which will do the job for their commitment to you as a creator. Streaming should be something you do as many times each week as you can. We recommend trying to make each session at least four hours long.


8. Play Games With Lots of Viewers And Not A Lot Of Broadcasters

Screenshot from is a service that may greatly assist you in locating games that are suitable for streaming. It reveals the total number of viewers a game has and the current number of individuals streaming that game. This might be of great use to you in determining which games are suitable for streaming.

We recommend these numbers for the game choice:

  • at least one thousand viewers;

  • no more than 15 individuals streaming it at the same time.

We recommend broadcasting games where you will finish in the top 15 or top 20 at the very most. If there are more than twenty individuals streaming the same game, you may want to think about switching to a different game, particularly if the other twenty people are attracting a larger audience than you are.


9. Play Newly Released Games

You will have a significant advantage over the competitors if you can stream the very first gameplay of a freshly released game. Some developers provide players early access to the game for an extra fee or by participating in particular promotions. If you can secure an early copy of the game and begin streaming it before everyone else, you will have an advantage over everyone else since you will have something others do not have.

Even if you don't have early access to the game you're streaming, if you're one of the first streamers to start broadcasting it, you have a chance to be noticed before the market gets oversaturated.


10. Hype Trains

Twitch Hype Train Example


"Hype Train" means a graphical representation of monetary support growth, provided through subscriptions, donations, or contributions of at least 100 bits. When a train is generated, you will be highlighted on the front page of Twitch. The trick is that after the Hype Train finishes, everyone participating will get a unique emote. And many users go for hype trains with the purpose of unlocking emotes. These people are likely to stay if they find your stream entertaining.


11. Use a Catchy Title

Don't buy into the common misconception that the name of your stream has no significance. It is essential to pay attention to the title of your broadcast, even if it is unlikely to get tons of new viewers to your channel on its own. Think about reading magazine headlines; some grab your attention more than others, piquing your curiosity enough to make you want to learn more about the subject. Spend some time thinking of a stream title that is amusing or engaging. But don't be overwhelmed - the title of your stream does not need to be a work of brilliant poetry.


12. Use Titles, Tags, and Smart Category Choices

Twitch has its own search engine, designed to help users find the most relevant content. Tags are used as metadata to describe your content to the machine, and as a result, to get discovered by the user. The information Twitch gives streamers to customize includes the thumbnail, title, game or category, description, language, tags, and what collections your videos might potentially belong to. You should use tags since they can effectively subcategorize your channel, making it much simpler for others to locate you. If viewers filter by those tags, you could be one of one hundred streamers playing Valorant instead of being one of one thousand.


13. Cross-Promotion And Co-Streaming

Co-streaming greatly works for networking and often results in gaining new followers. To try it, find streamers around the same size as you who create content comparable to yours. Inquire with them about whether they are interested in working together on a few co-streams. For instance, you could compete against one another in various tasks, such as speed runs, or simply play games together. The greatest strategy is to find others who stream at slightly different times than you do and invite them to a group with you so that you may sometimes raid each other.


14. Play With Your Followers and Subscribers

Streaming an interactive game is an awesome method to boost the engagement aspect of your streaming channel. It also gives you the chance to reward your audience with a good time and fresh content. The following list contains some recommendations for interactive games that you can play with viewers while streaming on Twitch:

  • TypeRacer

  • GeoGuessr

  • Super Auto Pets

  • Quiplash

  • Drawful 2

  • Choice Chamber

  • Human Fall Flat

  • A Way Out

  • Until Dawn


15. Run a Twitch Giveaway

An excellent approach to quickly achieve more viewers is to have a giveaway. You may give someone a gift card, a subscription to a Twitch channel, a video game, or pretty much anything as a present. There is no limit to the number of prizes you may give away. If you want to build buzz, you should start talking about it on your channel and promoting it on social media a long time in advance.

The audience count for the giveaway stream will significantly increase. Make the most of this opportunity and put forth your very best effort to create a fascinating stream. The unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of viewers who participate in giveaways on a Twitch channel will not come back again. But if you've done a good job, some viewers will tune in to your next stream.


16. Create A Blog About Your Twitch Stream

Creating original content for your website's blog is among the most straightforward methods for generating traffic to your Twitch channel. This is because blogging is a great method to generate organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Blogging also helps advertise your Twitch channel to a wider audience. In this manner, everyone who reads your blog may learn about the things you stream live. You might write a blog post on a variety of subjects, such as the following:

  • The best practices to grow.

  • The latest news and developments from Twitch.

  • Describe the components of your streaming setup (including hardware, software and OBS setups).

  • Write a review of your favorite game, whether it's new or old.

  • Opinions on any streaming or gaming topic.

  • Store your streams or highlights.


17. Put Your Stream in Your Sidebar

Including a link to your live stream in the sidebar of your website is a fantastic approach to advertising your Twitch channel. If you do so, everyone who visits your website will be able to view the broadcast in real-time on your website. And if they like what they see, they'll probably go to Twitch and follow you.


18. Install the Twitch Live Plugin On Your Website

Twitch Live Plugin extension for web browsers keeps track of the following streamers and notifies a user when they start a new stream. You can put Twitch Live Plugin on your website to inform your audience once you’re going live.


19. Harness The Power Of Search Engines

The more people can discover your content while looking for anything, the better it is for your content's reach and the number of followers, subscriptions, and overall engagement. Search traffic may originate from various sources, including social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok and search engines like Google. Optimization boosts your chances of being found in searches: both inside and outside of Twitch. Learn more on how to apply Search Engine Optimization on Twitch in this video:



20. Make Guest Posts On Other Websites

If the prospect of developing your own website sounds too challenging, you may find other websites that would publish your writing in exchange for a link to your Twitch channel. Well-written guest articles are welcome on a wide variety of smaller websites. You may need to do some networking to make the most of this opportunity, but it's a fantastic way to get your name out there.

First of all, you should ensure that you can provide something of good quality to post on their website. In such collaborations website's owner receives a good piece and free-of-charge article, which they can monetize and utilize to attract visitors. On the other side, you have the opportunity to get your own name or brand out there, which increases the likelihood that you will get some publicity.


21. Always Raid Another Channel

A Twitch raid means directing the viewers from your stream to watch content on another Twitch channel. Most of the time, raids take place when a streamer is getting close to the end of their broadcast and wants to direct their audience to another channel to support it. Participating in raids is an awesome way to make stronger connections. HeyShadyLady made an excellent video on raiding on Twitch and streamer etiquette:



22. Upload Your Streams to YouTube

Imagine that someone discovered your Twitch channel when you're not currently online. For instance, they saw a post you made on Twitter, or some other user referenced your stream on Reddit.

If you aren't broadcasting at the moment, people won't be able to get a good sense of your personality from reading the description of the channel. While your streams could be ideal for them, they wouldn't know it until they actually see your performance. That's why you should upload recordings from your previous streams.

VODs and highlights are excellent content for this purpose. It's also possible that a well-edited highlight reel of the coolest moments might get popular on social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit, causing people to check out your Twitch channel.


23. Create Valuable YouTube Videos

While YouTube and Twitch are really different, it doesn't mean content producers can't profit from using both platforms. As a Twitch streamer, you will benefit from generating videos for YouTube in the following ways:

  • Videos uploaded to YouTube have the potential to remain viewable for a significant amount of time. They may be included on playlists, be shown as recommended content, or appear in the search results.

  • Your Twitch channel traffic will rise as a result. People will be able to discover you not only on Twitch.

  • The growth of your brand is yet another beneficial byproduct of this process. Having video hosted elsewhere helps make your brand known to a new audience in a different setting, which in turn begins to increase the amount of awareness.

  • Whether via advertisements on YouTube or sponsorship, this will result in an additional source of money.

In this video, Harris Heller questions his audience about how they first became aware of him. Guess what? The majority of respondents (95%) answered YouTube as their source of the starting point.


24. Share Useful Content on Reddit

Browse a subreddit associated with the topic you're interested in, and participate in the community there, providing useful information for members. If someone asks a question, react with a well-written response that offers the solution that everyone is looking for. Discuss your experiences and make articles on relevant streaming-related topics. But don't ask for following your channel since doing so is assumed spam. Instead, post your Twitch information on your profile page. People that like the content you provide could check out your channel.


25. Spread Socially

The use of social media enables you to broaden your audience reach and engage with viewers outside of the stream. Here are some general strategies to raise awareness about you:


  • Establish and keep your social media accounts updated. Your profiles must include all the important information that a newcomer needs to know about you and your stream.

  • Direct your Twitch audience to your social media profiles. Don't promote them aggressively, but make sure your links are always visible by adding panels to your stream.

  • Continue the conversation started on Twitch. Remember that your social media accounts are an extension of your streams. Share your comments, take part in the discussions, pose questions to the people who follow you, and urge them to respond with their thoughts. This presents an opportunity for you to participate in pre-existing communities on Twitter while enhancing your community in the process.


26. Use Instagram

Instagram is the 4th most-used social platform. So it's essential to be present there to establish an audience. The following are six different ways to utilize this platform as a Twitch streamer:


  • Use Instagram as a highlight clips portfolio.

  • Use Stories to closer communicate with your followers.

  • Network with other streamers.

  • Establish connections within the streaming industry by mentioning developers and gaming brands.

  • Make additional money with sponsored posts.

  • Start a live stream on Instagram and then redirect viewers to Twitch.


27. Express Your Gratitude

Express your gratitude to the viewers who mention your broadcast on and out of the stream. For example, you can add a Twitter widget that will show your retweets on-air and during commercial breaks.


28. Use Twitch Clips Across All The Social Media Channels

Make your own clips for quick laughs, shout-outs, and highlights to summarize streams for new viewers. It's one of the most effective ways to re-engage your audience and get your video shown/recommended to new people on Twitch.

Here you could find the 6 ways to turn Twitch Clips into Youtube Shorts, Reels & Tiktoks: 



29. Post When You Are Going Live

Utilize social media to keep your viewers informed about the latest updates of your stream. Post about your next broadcast before it airs. Post updates when you are going to be streaming for more than a few hours or when you are going to switch games in the middle of a stream. You should schedule automatic posts to provide updates if you do not intend to do this during the show.


30. Share, Retweet, or Like Other’s Posts

Social media may be used as a generic tool for networking. Find other streamers whose work you like and follow, then tweet them, retweet their stuff, and like it. Instead of trying to sell yourself to other people, focus on making meaningful contributions to them. Share memes, your thoughts on any subject, gaming-related content, funny observations, and other such things here. Maintain a proactive attitude and make the most of the chance to talk to anybody online.


31. Utilize Hashtags Effectively

If you want your social media post to become more viral and gain more views, you can try using the hashtags listed above.


  • Use the ones associated with your game: #fortniteclips, #valoranttwitch, etc.

  • General hashtags: #SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamersCommunity #TwitchStreamer.

  • Twitch related: #twitchtv #twitch #twitchstreamer #smallstreamer #twitchclips #twitchtips #pcgamer #twitchcommunity #twitchmoments #streamer #twitchstreaming #gamerlife #gamergram #instagaming #twitchaffiliate


32. Direct Your Posts To The Game Developers

You could gain access to a massive audience if individuals like game developers, or software team members retweet you. Send out tweets before you begin a game, and post updates with your opinions after. Keep in mind that you have a better chance of getting the game creator's attention if you focus on the smaller ones. It is everyone's goal to generate enthusiasm for their products, and the majority of the promoters will be more than pleased if you draw their attention to yourself.


33. Create Discussion Threads on Twitter

When used creatively, Twitter threads have the potential to become a powerful way to advertise. A great Twitter thread that offers a lot of value rapidly receives thousands of likes and retweets. Twitter threads are very flexible; the only thing limiting your use of them is your imagination. The following is a list of some examples of Twitter threads that you may create:


  • Helpful threads like checklists and step-by-step guides.

  • Storytelling threads. For example, how you started to stream.

  • Compilation and collecting threads about everything from memes to your merch.

  • Behind-the-scenes.

  • User engagement threads, where you ask your audience to react and respond to your queries (user-generated content).


34. Make TikTok Content

Screenshots from @officerstealth TikTok account


TikTok is an excellent platform for establishing your brand, getting more attention to your streams, boosting your merch, and drawing more followers. You need to create funny, relatable, or informative TikToks since they are the sorts people prefer to share. You don’t need to confine your content to simply highlights of recent streams since your followers may also be interested in viewing other aspects of your life as well.

Twitch streamers advise utilizing a mix of famous TikTok hashtags to make your video trending and some relevant tags to target your niche. For example, if you want to upload a Fortnite clip, use #FYP, #Fortnite, #FortniteClips, and #Gaming.


35. Send Viewers to Your Twitch with a TikTok Livestream

The option to live stream on TikTok will become available after you have accumulated one thousand followers. Your streams are heavily pushed to all of your followers with a huge icon at the top of the main timeline and a highlight around your profile picture.

Despite its seeming lack of complexity, this tactic is very effective. All that is required from you is to start a stream on TikTok before your broadcast begins on Twitch, attract viewers, and then urge them to switch over to your Twitch channel once the stream starts.


36. Shout Out Raids

Whenever you get raided by someone, try your best to shout them out. Say their username, and thank them  for the support. Find their social media account after the stream and mention them with gratitude. It's also a great idea to get known with the person and their content, so you could recommend their channel to your viewers next time.


37. Streaming Communities

Communities on Twitch assist streamers in the networking and in the audience's growth. They facilitate meeting other broadcasters and interacting with them, finding opportunities for cooperation, and joining Twitch teams. There are many wonderful communities on Twitch to choose from. Have a look at a few of them in further detail over at Streamsentials.


38. In-Game Promotion

When you play video games, you typically have conversations with other players. Why not invite these people to watch your stream? You could be surprised by the number of people willing to stop by and watch your stream if you maintain a positive and warm relationship with the folks with whom you play games online.

Don't be a pain in the neck. Don't be aggressive. Simply extend a friendly invitation to your stream, and watch the events unfold from there. You are going to be astounded by how cool other people can be.


39. Play in Tournaments

Gaming Tournament


Many streamers started their careers from participating in gaming competitions (Ninja is probably the best example). Major events are going to be the place where you will gain the most exposure, but clearly breaking into the big leagues is not going to be possible for streamers who are just starting out.

However, you shouldn't be concerned about this since you can spread knowledge of yourself by doing well in less significant tournaments organized by other streamers. There are situations when it is not even necessary to perform very well. Simply entering some of these competitions may sometimes be enough to get your name out there, which can lead to more followers on Twitch. It is pretty important to put yourself out there in the community whether you win or lose.


40. Attend Gaming and Streamers Events

Attending local gaming events is a great way to meet new people and connect with old fellows. In-person connections, sponsored networking opportunities, entertainment, and other benefits may all be found during this kind of events. Participate actively in the life of your local scene. It's impossible to predict what could happen. Before you go, you should have some business cards made up so that you can give them out to individuals you talk to and create connections.


41. Try Multi-Streaming

The use of several streams is unquestionably beneficial. Every time you go live, there is a greater possibility that you will be noticed if you use multi-streaming since it allows you to expand your reach to many live streaming sites simultaneously. Pay attention that being a Twitch Affiliate prevents you from streaming on multiple platforms.

For multi-streaming, you have to use a third-party platform. Here are two available options:


  1. Streamlabs Prime. The premium service offered by Streamlabs gives access to a wide variety of additional capabilities, including streaming to several other platforms.

  2. Restream is a user-friendly live video platform that gives the ability to make stunning videos and multistream them to different channels.


42. Try a 24-Hour Stream

Streaming for a full twenty-four hours may sound like an uphill task (and it is), but it also creates a lot of buzz. Make sure that your audience is aware of when you intend to do it, and urge them to spread the word to their friends.


43. Create Custom Sub Emotes and Badges

Emotes is a wonderful illustration of subconscious advertising. They don't just provide a fast, simple, and entertaining way for viewers to communicate. They are helpful since they may be inserted into the chat of other streamers and stimulate questioning the emotes source. Spreading your one-of-a-kind emotes makes earning popularity easier.

You could have further information about twitch emotes usage in this article and don’t forget to check our twitch emotes library with tremendous emotes packs.


44. Create Sharable Memes

It's no surprise that memes are sweeping the internet at this point. Memes, by definition, are supposed to be passed around to a large group of individuals and discussed. These easy and accessible and highly viral content pieces are perfect for developing community and expanding your audience.

The good news is that creating your own viral meme is not difficult. You can discover and use the templates for blank memes on websites like Imgflip and Kapwing.


45. Record Yourself To Rewatch And Improve Your Entertaining Skills

There is one technique that will make your improvement quick and solid: record yourself daily for ten minutes trying to be as entertaining as possible. After doing it, you shouldn't think about the video or view it immediately. The next day, watch the full ten-minute video without skipping or distracting your attention. You will quickly realize what you need to improve. Now that these ten minutes have passed, you should press the record button and film another ten minutes. Come back the following day and repeat it. There are no potential drawbacks; you are free to make mistakes since no one other than yourself will ever see it. The whole point of what it is about is making progress toward being a great entertainer, which is the primary factor in determining your level of success.



So, that’s the list. We bet, that if you will try at least a few of the following methods, you will see the improvements but the real growth comes with a complex and smart approach. Promotion is essential if you want to see growth on your Twitch channel. Begin on a modest scale, but be sure to closely monitor the level of involvement you get. Once you've determined what approaches are successful, expand on those strategies. Keep in mind that promoting a stream requires both time and work. Have patience and continue to put in as much effort as possible, my friends.

Check out our blog for much more helpful streaming hints and guides. Kudos!

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