Webcam Overlays, Stream Labels and Twitch Chatboxes for OBS!

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        How to Add a Webcam Overlay to OBS Studio?

        How to Add a Webcam Overlay to OBS Studio?

        1: Download The Overlay

        You have access to your overlay files right after the purchase!

        2: Extract The Archive

        Extract the archive with the overlay to a folder on your computer.

        3: Open Your Streaming Software

        Open OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop, or any streaming software that supports overlays.

        4: Import The Overlay

        Import your overlay .WEBM or .PNG files by adding an Image or Media Source to your scene.

        5: Final Steps

        Adjust the overlays to your liking: add your Webcam Source, custom labels and change the custom text fields.

        Supported Streaming Platforms and Software

        Our webcam overlays, stream labels, chatboxes and headers work with any streaming software — OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop, Lightstream, XSplit, you name it. Wondering if they work with your streaming platform? Of course, you can use them on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Trovo and anywhere else!

        What’s included?

        What’s included?

        Webcam Overlay

        The most important overlay for any streamer. Also called a facecam overlay or webcam border, this is a frame that surrounds your camera source and separates your video from gameplay and other content of your stream.

        Stream Header Overlay

        Also called a top bar, this is the multifunctional banner that sits in the upper part of your stream screen. It can help you in many ways: place your logo on top of it, put your social media info, mention your top supporters and much more!

        Stream Labels

        These are special interactive panels that show how your viewers interact with your stream in real-time: latest follower, subscriber, top donator, and beyond. They also allow you to put your personal information elegantly: links to your social media, Patreon, streaming schedule or anything you can imagine.

        Twitch Chat Overlay

        This overlay is used as a frame for a twitch chat box — a widget that displays your chat over the stream screen. Every successful streamer uses it for the viewers who can’t watch their stream live but still want to see the messages in the chat.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How to add stream labels to OBS Studio?
        Before you begin, you need to download and install the stream labels widget from Streamlabs. Once it's done you can set it up in OBS Studio.

        • Add a 'Text (GDI+)' source and give it a name
        • Check the 'Read from file' box
        • Press 'Browse' and select the .txt file that corresponds to the info you want to show on your label
        • Change the fonts, colors and other settings of your label's text
        • Press OK
        How to add a twitch chat overlay to OBS Studio?
        You can add your twitch chat directly to OBS Studio as a Browser Source.

        • Go to your Twitch Channel
        • Press the Chat Settings Icon
        • Click on 'Popout Chat'
        • Copy the URL from the new popup window
        • Go to the Sources section in OBS Studio and add a Browser source
        • Paste the URL you've copied and press OK

        Also, you can use a widget by Streamlabs or Streamelements which makes the process a lot easier and allows you to customize the look of your chat.
        Can I get a free webcam overlay for OBS Studio?
        You can get them in the Freebies section of our store. It has both complete stream packages that include professional webcam overlays and separate packs with only webcam borders for any taste.