The Best VTuber Software in 2023 (2D, 3D And PNGTubers)

The Best VTuber Software

The Best VTuber Software

Vtubing broke into the world of content creation with lightning speed, captivating more netizens with a fresh appeal to escape from reality. Using virtual avatars or characters controlled by real people to interact with audiences is intriguing, but at what cost? VTubing is often considered an expensive hobby for advanced tech users, but it isn't necessarily true! There's plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to Vtuber software, and you'll definitely find something suitable for your needs!

If you're interested in venturing into VTubing but find yourself overwhelmed by the choice of software, we have your back with a list of top-notch options for 2D, 3D, and PNG avatars.

Why Do You Need VTuber Software?

Navigating the landscape of vTubing demands the management of numerous dynamic elements. Of course, you can handle manually rigging motion capture devices, movement trackers, and speech conversion, but it takes a lot of work. The ideal solution lies in a comprehensive vTuber software package.


Install the software, and connect it to other vTubing gadgets, and it will cover every facet of the process, from rigging characters to ultimate broadcasting. 

Features to Look For in a vTubing Software

Here's a list of features to look for to ensure a comprehensive and seamless VTubing experience:


  • Avatar customization

  • Pre-built models and templates

  • Advanced facial and gesture tracking

  • Regular updates

  • Technical support

  • Plugins

  • Motion capture integration

  • Compatibility

  • Export and sharing options

  • Affordability

2D VTuber Software

Live2D Cubism

If you сhose the road of 2D Vtubing, Live2D is the golden standard for character rigging! This software lies behind most of the 2D characters for a good reason. Essentially, Live2D avatars consist of distinct layered components that can be separately adjusted to form the character's facial expressions and gestures to convey the desired depth and dynamics. Live2D lets you import original illustrations and use multiple layers and editing tools to create a 2D animation with preserved artistic style and fresh real-time dynamic expressions. Constant Live2D development guarantees that creators can access the most up-to-date features and enhancements, elevating the animation process and maintaining its relevance.


Currently, Live2D provides two software versions, compatible with MacOS and Windows. The free plan has its limits in the number of textures, layers, and motion parameters, but it's a decent option for beginners. Pro, in contrast, allows you to use as many layers as you want and unlocks model resizing, multiview, and much more only for $15 per month or $100 per year. Live2D offers a 42-day free trial which may be just enough to understand if Pro is worth buying and rig your first model, so try it out!




  • Layered animation

  • Complex dynamic expressions

  • Consistent quality across various platforms

  • The free version offers just enough functionality for a beginner


  • May be resource intensive

  • No 360° rotation

VTube Studio

VTube Studio is a user-friendly and versatile face-tracking application designed for content creators and streamers who wish to bring their virtual 2D avatars to life. It's available on Steam at no cost, while the software includes a variety of avatars to try out. Undoubtedly, VTube Studio offers the fastest entry point for venturing into 2D VTubing without any extra equipment. While relying solely on facial capture technology, numerous reviews have praised VTube Studio for its effective creation of smooth animations. It indeed excels at reading your facial expressions – the software will accurately capture even the slightest wink or squint. VTube Studio can do everything you'll need and more! It provides animated PNG props tracking your model, hotkeys, microphone lip-sync, online multiplayer, and accurate control over your Live2D model, including hand and gesture tracking. The VTube Studio API allows developers to make and use their plugins, so now you can bring all your ideas regarding your avatar to life. Particularly fab for newcomers, this top-tier VTuber software offers OBS support and can be easily downloaded for iPhone/iPad, Android, macOS, and Windows for free, albeit with a watermark. If the watermark doesn't bother you, the software is free. However, for a nominal fee of $15, you can get rid of it by purchasing the DLC. 



  • Versatile

  • Comes with several built-in avatars to try out

  • Provides its core features for free

  • Fluid facial animations

  • Strong Discord community

  • Hotkeys for props tracking, lip sync, etc.



  • VRoid and VRM models are not supported

  • The Android version is significantly weaker and doesn't support Samsung S22 devices

3D VTuber Software


Live3D functions as a comprehensive 3D VTuber software solution. It goes beyond avatar creation, enabling animations without motion capture software and offering an array of customizable poses. 


All editing, motion tracking, and streaming features can be found in the free version. Still, it is limited in the number of avatars, backgrounds, poses, and overlays. The paid subscription at $3.90 per month opens up the full range of capabilities of Live3D as VTuber Maker, VTuber Editor, Vtuber Gallery, and Virtual Effects Twitch Extension to make it the perfect all-in-one choice to create your dream 3D Vtuber asset.



  • All-in-one package for VTubers

  • Free and affordable paid options

  • Customizable poses

  • Prop assets and effects to enhance your stream


  • Steep learning curve

  • Motion tracking is limited to head movements in the Free version

VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio played a pivotal role in introducing virtual streaming to the realm of content creation. The software is available on Steam, for Windows or macOS, and it's entirely free, which is almost unbelievable if you look at its functionality range. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and comes with sample avatars, although you can start from scratch. Your proficiency and dedication determine the pace – you can create a basic model in mere minutes or an intricately detailed masterpiece in a few days. If you are new to 3D design, your initial model may not be flawless. However, as with any skill, practice makes perfect, so your imagination will eventually become the only limit in VRoid Studio.  



  • Free

  • User friendly

  • Quite a lot of sample avatars

  • Almost infinite custom textures and clothing templates


  • A bit hard to set up at first

  • High load on CPU, if you're aiming for high-quality models


VSeeFace tracks your face and hand movements to turn you into a 3D avatar for free. You can sync it with mobile apps like iFacialMocap, FaceMotion3D, VTubeStudio, or MeowFace, and it's free for non-commercial usage. VSeeFace is still in beta, which means there might be minor bugs with every other version, so it's a good idea to keep the old ones at hand. The good news is that you can find dozens of tutorials about any potential issue because VSeeFace is popular among Vtubers to the point where they want to share their knowledge in guides and teach others what's VSeeFace. 


VSeeFace supports VRM 3D avatar formats, so it's comfortable to use with any avatar created in Blender, Vroid Studio, or Unity. A decent webcam is enough to track your head movements, but you'll need a leap motion device for hand tracking. 



  • Free

  • Highly configurable

  • Active community

  • Advanced eye gaze tracking


  • Runs only on Windows (64-bit only)

  • Still in Beta

  • Doesn't provide special support for RealSence cameras


The Japanese software LuppetX, or reborn Luppet, was created with the notion of enhanced comfort and intuitive interface combined with the greatest possible results, even in the smallest details. It successfully combines webcam tracking and leap motion and has loads of features associated with top-tier VTuber software, like a deep character editor and handy shortcuts. The LuppetX developers kept the concept and functions of the previous version and took it to another level! In X, based on Luppet, they enhanced memory usage and GPU load, widened accessories support, webcam calibration settings, and motion transmission functions. 


To have full access to LuppetX capabilities and remove the watermark, you need to purchase their one-off personal license that costs ¥6600, which is about $45 in equivalent. Fortunately, LuppetX has a trial, so you can download and try it out beforehand.



  • Rich movement abilities

  • Detailed instructions and FAQ

  • Easy-to-use

  • VRM compatible

  • Accurate and smooth motion tracking

  • The cleanest textures of hair and clothes


  • Only available in Japanese, so you may need a few tutorials to figure everything out

  • Requires practice to be used to the full potential

  • Only for Windows users

PNGTuber Software

Veadotube Mini

In contrast to most of the software on this list, Veadotube doesn't require you to rig your character, which means that all you need for starters are two PNGs to switch between as you talk. This software can turn you into a PNGTuber, which essentially isn't much different from being a 2D or 3D Vtuber, but simplifies the creation experience. The app is available for your own price for macOS, Windows, and Linux users. With hotkeys, you can make your avatar blink, add several emotions and movements, and switch between them. Ensure you have a microphone set up to work because the animation starts only when you speak.



  • Lightweight

  • Intuitive

  • You set the price

  • Supports static PNGs and FIGs


  • Limited animations

  • Limited customization freedom

Wrapping it up

Vtubing is a trend here to stay, and diving into its world has never been more accessible, thanks to the myriad vTuber software options available. As we've explored, these software solutions offer a diverse range of features that cater to newcomers and experienced content creators alike. Whether you're seeking to establish a presence on streaming platforms or simply wish to explore the creative possibilities of virtual character interaction, the right vTuber software can be the cornerstone of your journey, and now you're prepared to find the best one for your needs!


To learn more about Vtubers and get closer to becoming one, read our step-by-step VTuber guide and embark on your journey well-informed!

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