Best Valorant Overlays for Twitch & Youtube [Essential Guide]

Best Valorant Overlays for Twitch & Youtube

Best Valorant Overlays for Twitch & Youtube

Did you know that Valorant is the most streamed game on Twitch? Its global share of everything streamed on this platform is about 9% which is more than such hits as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and League of Legends. So it's a no-brainer that you should try to stream it to your viewers to keep up with the community trends.

Whether you're streaming on Twitch or Youtube, and no matter what software you're using — Streamlabs, OBS Studio, or anything else — a proper overlay is one of the most important things you need to make an exciting Valorant stream.

Hold tight as we're gonna list the best Valorant overlays and share some essential tips to make the streaming experience of this action-packed FPS game smooth both for you and your viewers.

Best Valorant Stream Overlays

Valorant by


You've probably seen hundreds of Valorant streams with generic overlays that just copy the game interface. And if you're tired of boring options, this overlay package is your choice as it has a more creative and action-focused take on already classic style and game UI. Even though it has a slightly different look, we've designed it in a way that fits Valorant flawlessly. On top of that, this package has tons of other assets for you to use: from alerts and social media graphics templates to everything you can imagine for your streamer needs.


See it in Action:

Valorant Stream Overlay by

Valorant by Wight Visuals


This pack looks closer to the original style of the game, but it still has a creative twist in its design. It has a distinctive balance between familiar elements, dynamic glitches, and colorful animations. This pack is your go-to if you want something cleaner and more universal.


See it in Action:

Valorant Stream Overlay by Wight Visuals

Brave by Wight Visuals


This one is another bold reimagination of generic and familiar Valorant style. This package is for you if you're fond of minimalism, Japanese aesthetics, and anything that stands out from the crowd. And, like any overlays in this list, it has all kinds of assets for your basic streaming needs.


See it in Action:

Brave Valorant Twitch Overlay by Wight Visuals

VA by Wight Visuals


VA is one of the most popular overlays in its niche, so you may get it with Streamlabs Prime and try it along with the ones mentioned above. Giant letters V and A on the stream screens encourage and excite your viewers for intense clutches, and its webcam overlay, along with other functional assets, is focused on the most important - your content.


See it in Action:

VA Valorant Overlay for Twitch by Wight Visuals



Acid is one of the most liked stream packages among our team members and customers, and it's obvious why! These vibrant colors combined with dynamic composition and animation work wonders for any action and, most importantly, competitive FPS streams. Just like with any of our packs, its colors are easily customizable, so you can adjust everything to your brand style and leave your viewers raving about the quality of your stream.


See it in Action:

Acid - Valorant Overlay for Streaming by

Valor Essentials by VBI


You've probably seen this design on tons of Valorant streams. Why? Because this beautiful overlay perfectly does its thing. It has not only a top-notch design quality, but it's totally FREE of charge.

Oficcial Valorant Asset Kit


Released more than two years ago, when Valorant was still in the closed beta testing stage, these assets were aimed at content creators who wanted to promote the game or dive into the trend. Even though the amount of assets is a bit lower than in the examples above, it still has some nice overlays for you to use for free.



You know what? We also have great free overlays for your Valorant streams. While Crust is not designed specifically for this game, as with every one of our assets, it can be easily recolored and transformed right inside OBS Studio, Streamlabs or any streaming software of your choice. This pack has all bells and whistles from our premium packs, and it fits FPS games like a native. I honestly don't know what else to tell you about it... Just try it out, and you'll understand everything!


See it in Action:

Crust Free Valorant Twitch Overlay by

Triangulation by


The last but not least overlay in our list is Triangulation. It has a distinctive color palette that works perfectly with, you've guessed it, Valorant. But, on the other hand, it looks a bit more high-tech and serious, so it's a great choice if you're fond of all kinds of futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetics.


See it in Action:

Triangulation Twitch Overlay by

How to Setup a Stream Overlay for Valorant

Okay, so you've chosen your overlay. What's next?

Before talking about your branding, personal preferences, and taste, the most important thing you need to consider when setting up overlays for Valorant streams is the game's user interface (or HUD, as some call it).

Your viewers must see every important interface element, such as frags feed, minimap, loadout information, etc.

We've prepared some screenshots to help you properly place your overlay elements.

Green Area - safe zone.
Red Area - avoid using overlays here or use them carefully.

Valorant Overlay Placement Safe Zones

Valorant Overlay Placement Safe Zones 2

Valorant Overlay Placement Safe Zones 3

Wrapping it up

So, now you're fully equipped to take your Valorant streams to the next level with all kinds of overlays. Feel free to get one of the packs mentioned above, set it up according to our safe-zone recommendations and go live! We're sure your viewers will be amazed by the new look of your stream! 


By the way, thanks for scrolling this far! We appreciate the time you took to check our article, and here's a little gift for you!

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