10 Just Chatting Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

10 Just Chatting Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

10 Just Chatting Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

Did you know that Just Chatting is the most popular category on Twitch? Currently, it holds more than 13% of viewers across the platform, making it bigger than Valorant, League of Legends, and Grand Theft Auto V. Considering that Youtube has risen as an alternative for Twitch streamers, a similar type of streams emerged into this platform as well.

It's no wonder you may want to try yourself in this niche, as it allows great flexibility in choosing a wide array of activities — from watching and reacting to tv shows to literally just chatting with your audience.

This category is very competitive, so you need something to help you stand out from the crowd and attract your viewers. One of the best tools you can use is a unique overlay built to improve your stream's appearance and make it more functional and interactive. Also, you can take advantage of such overlays not only in this category. They are a perfect fit for ASMR, IRL, Arts, and Music categories as well.

This article will help you understand what elements are crucial for a perfect just chatting overlay and show you some of the best preconfigured packs that you can use straight away.

What Makes a Great Just Chatting Overlay?

Before we begin the list of the best just chatting overlays, we need to understand the most important assets that make a perfect overlay for this category.

As you may know, overlays are individual elements that can have different use-cases and functions, so the central fact about just chatting overlay is the following:

You need to have whole stream screens that include different overlays and widgets.


Let's go through each overlay, widget, and element one by one.

Webcam Frame

Just Chatting Webcam Frame Overlay

A central piece of every overlay or stream screen package. This is essentially a frame that sits on top of your webcam. It can be static or animated and include your logo or other brand identity elements.


Just Chatting Chatbox Twitch Overlay

This is a widget that displays your chat over the stream screen. You can use it for the viewers who can't watch your stream live but still want to see the messages in the chat while watching the VOD.


Stream Background for Just Chatting on Twitch

This element is pretty self-explanatory as it's just an image or animated video that you use as a base for all of your overlays that will sit on top of it. It has a lot of impact on your screen as it will prominently convey the atmosphere and design style. Also, if you use the chroma key, you can use it as a background for your webcam frame.

Content Frame

Content Frame for Twitch

This frame is essentially the same as the webcam frame, and the only difference is that it sits on top of the content you stream and not your camera.

Stream Labels

Stream Labels for Twitch

These special panels can interactively show different information about your stream and how your viewers interact with it in real time: latest followers, donators, and so on. You can also put your personal info on top of them: links to your social media, streaming schedule, sponsored content, and so on and so forth.


Of course, you can use more elements in your just chatting stream screen: progress bars for donations, alerts, additional widgets, stinger transitions, and so on, but the ones mentioned above are the most crucial.

Best Just Chatting Overlays

Autumn Landscape


Breathe The Wild with Autumn Landscape — an atmospheric stream overlay package inspired by the beauty of nature. This package is your go-to if you like going outside, hiking, or just fond of beautiful landscapes. This overlay is packed with all kinds of assets that can complement your stream and your whole social media presence. Stream screens, overlays, alerts, transitions, widgets, social media graphics templates - you name it!


See it in action:

Autumn Landscape Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch

Purple Night


Get Cozy with Purple Night — a comfy stream overlay package designed for warm late-night streams. The soothing colors of the evening sky make this pack a perfect choice for your just-chatting streaming needs. Also, it gives you great flexibility with tons of other assets you can use for different stream categories.


See it in action:

Purple Night Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch

Noir Night


Solve The Mystery with Noir Night — a stream overlay package for true detectives. Inspired by movies, this package suits all kinds of atmospheric and cozy streams. It has lots of stream assets included on top of the ones we've explored in this article. And, of course, it supports every streaming platform and software: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and so on.


See it in action:

Noir Night Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch

Lofi Room


Relax And Study in Lofi Room — a chill stream overlay package inspired by lo-fi girl aesthetics. This package suits any stream but works best in Just Chatting and Music categories. Just like with the other overlays in this list, it is featured-packed to the maximum, so you won't need to worry about additional assets you may want to add later.


See it in action:

Lofi Room Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch



Let The Sun Shine! Summer — a sunny stream overlay package inspired by anime and cartoons.


See it in action:

Summer Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch



Get Creative with Sketch — a trendy stream overlay package with dirty design. Based on modern aesthetics, this pack elevates your stream to the next level! Honestly, it fits any stream type we can imagine: Gaming, IRL, Just Chatting, ASMR, and anything else.


See it in action:

Sketch Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch



Open Your Third Eye with Journey — a psychedelic overlay package with colorful illustrations at its core. This design will make your stream different and completely immerse your viewers.


See it in action:

Journey Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch



Let The Fun Begin! Loop — a bright stream overlay package with a simple 2D design. This pack will add some energy to any kind of stream.


See it in action:

Loop Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch



Make it funky with Stickers — a colorful stream package inspired by graffiti and modern urban culture. Use this pack to amaze your viewers with a bright and playful vibe. 


See it in action:

Stickers Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch

Retro Neon


Back to The Future! Retro Neon — an essential retro-futuristic stream package that adds some proper nostalgic atmosphere to your stream. This theme is a perfect choice if you're fond of 80's aesthetics and want to achieve that classic VHS retro look.


See it in action:

Retro Neon Just Chatting Overlay for Twitch

In Conclusion

Now, after you have learned everything about just chatting overlays, explored some of the best designs for this category, and know how to set up a perfect streaming scene, the turn is yours. So grab an overlay that resonates with your personality, customize it to your taste and go live!


Oh, and thanks for scrolling this far! We appreciate the time you took to check our article, and here's a little gift for you!

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