10 Best Esports Overlays for Twitch & Youtube

Best Esports Overlays for Twitch & Youtube

Best Esports Overlays for Twitch & Youtube

Esports streams consistently get the most viewers on Twitch. Why? Fast-paced gameplay of competitive games requires serious speed, tactics, and accuracy skills — that's why significant esports events such as ESL, LOL World Championships, and Dota Internationals keep millions of us glued to screens.

But this formula works great even without major tournaments. There are plenty of streamers who play this type of games and get a large number of viewers. So if you're one of them or just looking to start streaming in this niche, one thing that will improve the experience for your viewers and create a proper atmosphere is a stream overlay.

Here we've gathered a list of the best esports overlays that you can use to enhance the look of your stream and show everyone that you are ready to compete. We've tested them with every streaming tool and platform, so you can be sure that each will work with your setup flawlessly.

Introductions aside and let's find a perfect overlay for YOU!

Best Esports Overlays

Esports Yellow


The name of this overlay pack tells you everything straight away. It is a perfect fit for any kind of game. Whether you stream Valorant, CS:GO, Call of Duty, or anything else, its design will easily fit and enhance the look of your Twitch stream.


So what are you waiting for? Conquest the tournaments with Esports Yellow — a clean stream overlay package made for true esports fans. Its dynamic geometric design works best with any competitive Action or FPS game. All stream assets included: Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transition, Alerts, and many more. Works with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and supports OBS Studio and Streamlabs.

It Includes:

Stream Screens

Stream Starting Soon, Stream Ending Soon, Be Right Back, Intermission & Chat, Offline Banner


Stream Overlays

Webcam Overlay, Header Overlay, Customizable Stream Labels


Animated Stinger Transition


Animated Alerts

Twitch Alerts, Youtube Alerts, Facebook Alerts, Sound Effects, Quick Installs


Twitch Panels

About Me, Donation, Social Media, 69 More Panels and Icons, Customizable .PSD


Quick Installs

Streamlabs Overlay, OBS Studio Overlay, StreamElements Alerts Quick Installs, Streamlabs Alerts Quick Installs




Get Wild with Beast — a stream overlay package filled with raw energy. Its vibrant colors and aggressive shapes will show everyone that you're a winner!


Neon Mint


Energize with Neon Mint — a gaming stream overlay package with a minimalistic glowing design. Dynamic shapes combined with a vibrant color palette make this pack perfect for every gaming stream.




Like a Blade! Sharp — a geometric stream overlay package with a futuristic vibe. Its glass-like shapes are a perfect fit for any dynamic and action-packed stream.




Locked and Loaded! Scope — a military stream overlay package designed for real snipers. Its design works exceptionally well with any FPS game.




Capture The Flag! Blaze — a dirty stream overlay package with cybersport aesthetics. Its grunge design combined with futuristic glitches works with any action game.




Go, go, go! Acid — dynamic stream overlay package inspired by E-Sports. Its bright design suits best to action-infused FPS and competitive games.




Ready Player One! Triangulation — a futuristic graphics package for your stream. Its sharp geometric design suits best to any competitive and action game.




Let The Energy Flow! Motion — give your stream a classy feel with these smooth designs and animations that complement any game but work the best with esports streams. 




Become the Champion! League of Legends — an epic stream overlay package inspired by LOL. Its design suits any game and cause but works best with MOBA games such as LOL.


Final Thoughts

We've listed some of the best esports stream overlays above — different colors, styles, and moods. So grab the one that fits your own style, and start rocking those clutches like a star!


Thanks for scrolling this far! We appreciate the time you took to check our article, and here's a little gift for you!

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