Top 10 Cute Twitch Overlays for OBS Studio & Streamlabs😸

Top 10 Cute Twitch Overlays for OBS Studio & Streamlabs

Top 10 Cute Twitch Overlays for OBS Studio & Streamlabs

One of the most prominent styles people use in the streaming community can be described as cute or kawaii. So there's a chance that you, our dear reader, are fond of such vibes as well.

That's why we compiled this list of the best cute twitch overlays you can use on your streams to transform them into pure kawaii heaven. Here we've listed overlays from the best stream designers in the industry so you can be sure that everything will be packed with all elements you may ever need for your stream's overhaul: stream screens, alerts, overlays, and countless more assets are included with each and every pack below.

Let's get scrolling to find the cutest overlay that resonates with you!

Best Cute Stream Overlays

Purple Night


Just look at these colors, fluffy clouds, and shining stars. Isn't it a definition of cuteness? Get Cozy with Purple Night — a comfy stream overlay package designed for those warm late-night streams. Soothing colors of the evening sky make this pack a perfect choice for your streaming needs.

It Includes:

Stream Screens

Stream Starting Soon, Stream Ending Soon, Be Right Back, Intermission & Chat, Offline Banner


Stream Overlays

Webcam Overlay, Header Overlay, Customizable Stream Labels


Animated Stinger Transition


Animated Alerts

Twitch Alerts, Youtube Alerts, Facebook Alerts, Sound Effects, Quick Installs


Twitch Panels

About Me, Donation, Social Media, 69 More Panels and Icons, Customizable .PSD


Quick Installs

Streamlabs Overlay, OBS Studio Overlay, StreamElements Alerts Quick Installs, Streamlabs Alerts Quick Installs



Lofi Room


If you've been on Youtube or Twitch for some time, chances you've seen this girl are pretty high. So relax and study in Lofi Room — a chill stream overlay package inspired by lo-fi girl aesthetics. This package suits any stream but works best in Just Chatting and Music categories. It includes every asset for your stream — Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transition, Alerts, and more. Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming and works with OBS Studio and Streamlabs.




The name of this pack is pretty self-explanatory. Pixel-art style, pink color palette, yummy cupcakes, and a cute cat that lives on an island in the sky — what can be better than this? 





Blossom with Sakura — a soothing and tender stream package designed with solid references to classic anime aesthetics by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Set a relaxed look and create a calm atmosphere for your stream. Includes numerous Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transitions, Alerts, and many more. Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming and works with Streamlabs OBS, StreamElements, and OBS Studio.


Neon Valentine


While this overlay was designed for Valentine's Day, it effectively works at any other time of the year. Deep neon lights, cute hearts, and cupids — the formula for a perfect cute overlay is as simple as that.


Kitty by Hexeum


There are only two types of people — cat and dog lovers. And this overlay is perfect for you if you're a cat person. Simple layout, soft pink color scheme, cat paws — all points checked.


Animals by VBI


Be careful with this pack, as it will certainly overwhelm you with the amount of cuteness. Dozens of cute animals on countless, each cuter than the other, locations will not only take all kawaii duties for your stream, but will make it diverse and exciting thanks to the enormous amount of assets included with it.


Cosmic Kitten by PastelSaga


Being one of the most popular stream packages on Etsy, this must be one of the best cute overlays ever made. Hats off to PastelSaga for their elegant usage of colors and design skills.


Neon Japan


This design is meant to be more universal, but it's adorable nonetheless. Traditional Japanese mask combined with neon lights, pink flowers, and atmospheric raindrops will significantly enhance the level of coziness in your streams. 




This last but not least overlay in our list will work perfectly if you're fond of anime. Let The Sun Shine! Summer — a sunny stream overlay package inspired by anime and cartoons. This pack will make your stream the best place to spend a summer break.


Final Thoughts

We've listed a diverse selection of cute overlays for you to explore above. Now it's your turn to transform your stream and get the one that ticks all of your taste boxes!


Thanks for scrolling this far! We appreciate the time you took to check our article, and here's a little gift for you!

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