Top Anime Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

Top Anime Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

Top Anime Overlays for Twitch & Youtube Streams

It's not a secret that anime has become one of the staples of streaming culture. Some streamers watch popular shows such as Naruto, One Piece, and Attack on Titan, some become Vtubers and transform into real anime characters, and some stream games based on anime series such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Legends, or Genshin Impact. 


This article lists some of the best anime-themed stream overlays for Twitch and Youtube that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your streams easily. 

Anime Overlays List

Neon Japan


While this pack is not directly connected with any specific anime series, it still has an unmistakable Japanese vibe. Being one of the most popular overlays in our store, it does its thing perfectly. So embrace Your Inner Kitsune with Neon Japan — an overlay package that balances the moods of modern megapolis and traditional Japanese symbols. The deep neon lights of this pack can fit anywhere — whether you want to stream games or just chat with your audience.

It Includes:

Stream Screens

Stream Starting Soon, Stream Ending Soon, Be Right Back, Intermission & Chat, Offline Banner


Stream Overlays

Webcam Overlay, Header Overlay, Customizable Stream Labels


Animated Stinger Transition


Animated Alerts

Twitch Alerts, Youtube Alerts, Facebook Alerts, Sound Effects, Quick Installs


Twitch Panels

About Me, Donation, Social Media, 69 More Panels and Icons, Customizable .PSD


Quick Installs

Streamlabs Overlay, OBS Studio Overlay, StreamElements Alerts Quick Installs, Streamlabs Alerts Quick Installs


Japan Spirit


This is another excellent overlay pack from our store that leans towards more traditional Japanese symbols that you can easily find in many anime series. Become an Oni with Japan Spirit — an aggressive stream overlay package with classic Japanese style. Its textured grunge design fits the action and fantasy games the most! 




Are you looking for a Pokemon twitch overlay? Look no more!
Catch 'em All! PokeStream — a vibrant stream overlay package inspired by Pokemon. Surprise your viewers with a cheerful cartoon vibe of this design. It includes all the assets for your stream — Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transition, Alerts, and even more. Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and works with OBS Studio and Streamlabs.




This overlay pack is perfect if you like something less aggressive or action-filled than the overlays mentioned above. Blossom with Sakura — a new soothing stream package designed with solid references to anime. Set a relaxed look and create a calm atmosphere for your stream. It includes numerous Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transitions, Alerts, and many more. Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and works with Streamlabs OBS, StreamElements, and OBS Studio.




Do you like mecha anime? Heard about Neon Genesis: Evangelion? Then this package is definitely what you need. All Systems Operational! Robot — a retro-futuristic stream overlay package inspired by mecha anime and early console games. This design works great with 8-bit games, FPS, and anything with retro aesthetics.




This overlay package is inspired by the aesthetics of Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Studio. So let The Sun Shine with Summer — a sunny stream overlay package inspired by anime and cartoons. This pack will make your stream the best place to spend a summer break. As with every pack from this list, it includes every asset for your streaming needs and works perfectly with any platform and software of your choice.




Get Drifting with Phonk — a racing stream overlay package with retro anime aesthetics. This overlay takes its inspiration from the manga and anime series Initial D. On top of that, you may have seen a similar car in countless phonk mixes and tracks. While this pack suits racing games best, any kind of stream will look unique with its help.


Showdown by NerdOrDie


Just like Japan Spirit, this package takes inspiration from traditional Japanese symbols, and the grunge elements of this design elevate it to a completely next level.




Moon prism power, make up! Daruma — a mystic stream package with its style deep into anime tradition. It includes all stream assets you may ever need — Stream Screens, Overlays, Stinger Transition, Alerts, and many more. It supports Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming and works with your favorite streaming software.




This stream package combines retro 8-bit and cute kawaii aesthetics. Just look at these pixel-art kittens, clouds, and cakes — how can someone resist this level of loveliness?


Summing Up

Now it's time for you to choose your perfect anime twitch overlay. Get the one you like the most, set it up, and go live to amaze your viewers with a completely new look! And don't forget to save this article because we update it with new designs whenever new fantastic overlays pop up!


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